7 thoughts on “Designing the Perfect Logo

  1. mnorth1 says:

    As a student of design in the past, I can totally sympathize with you about the difficulties of creating the perfect logo. Your brand can literally live or die based on it’s logo and it’s important to establish one from the get go that will stick in the mind’s of consumers.

    That being said, I think you are right with your four steps, with evaluation being the most important in my eyes. I think when you make a logo, it’s most important to test it out with consumers before you essentially “go live” with it.

    The Big Ten learned this the hard way when they released their new logo last winter only to have it bashed completely by the media and fans alike. They ended up embarrassed and had to go back to the drawing board to create a symbol that would appeal to fans. The conference could have saved itself some trouble if they would have shown the original logo to a smaller “test group” and gotten approval before they tried to unveil it to the world.

  2. thesocialstash says:

    As a design enthusiast/ part timer I know the struggle to find the perfect logo. Logos are one of my favorite items to create. It’s simple beauty. Logos must be not too complex or they will not look right when small. I have worked hours over the tiny little details of a logo, most things the average person wouldn’t notice, but as designers our attention to detail no matter how minor is what separates one from another. I really like how you broke it down into steps. The great part is that your steps got me thinking about my own steps in designing a logo and reanalyzing them. After all, design is very unique and so is the thought. One of the ways I have found to creating the perfect logo is always have a few options. Design three or more logos that you really like, and line them up next to each other. Which one wins? I’ll be checking your blog out more for design advice, thanks!

  3. Alan says:

    It need passion and inspiration to design a logo. I think just like writing poems or drawing pictures, if no enough inspiration and thoughts the logos could not come up in mind. But they are harder than writing or drawing while the logo is responsible for companies and pictures or poems are not. You mentioned it need patience to design a logo, and it could be rather said that designing logo is waiting, just like waiting for somebody to appear. I know from here that the designing is not such a easy stuff for designers, it’s really a difficulty process.

  4. Ashley Townsend says:

    As a public relations student that plans on changing to advertising, this process of creating a logo proves to be very helpful for me. When it comes to creating a logo for a company, you aren’t just creating an ad that will run for a couple months and then create a new one. The logo you create, if done correctly, will be the representative for that company hopefully for years to come, if not for as long as the company is alive. But then I also must ask, after you track the success of the logo, what can be done if it doesn’t work out well, and there isn’t a great success rate with the new use of the logo? If asked to create a new logo for the company, how would you go about deciding to change it or would you just want to start anew with a clean slate?

  5. Roya says:

    I found this article to be very interesting. Part of having a successful business, is building upon your brand and your logo. You must have a logo that stands out to the consumer and makes them think about your product. In successful companies, a consumer can simply see the brand logo and know excactly what product it is and what the company is all about. I like how they talk about the steps to creating a logo. By using research, concept, execute, and evaluate these are very important steps to creating the logo you want. I like how they went into detail talking about how each of these steps needs to be apart of the process in order to have a successful logo. You need to research and see what has been big in the past and think how you want to incorporate these elements into your logo. You also need to execute this in a way it will relate to the consumer and evaluate how successful it is by seeing how recognizable it is to the consumer. Overall, I really liked this article and think it is very helpful to someone wanting to learn more about how to have a successful logo.

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